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We are glad you stopped by. Take a few minutes to meet the people and tour the labs. Please don't forget to write down a few references and check out some of our recent poster presentations.

We are a research group in the Laboratorium für Organische Chemie at ETH. Under the direction of Peter Chen, our research focuses on the generation, characterization, and manipulation of reactive intermediates.

The inherently multidisciplinary work leads to new insights in chemical reactivity, as well as applications in fields as diverse as drug discovery, homogeneous catalysis, and combustion chemistry.


Prof. Dr. Peter Chen
ETH Zürich
Vladimir-Prelog-Weg 2 / HCI G209
8093 Zürich

the ETH Life website article with the expert report produced on behalf of the Executive Board of ETH Zurich dealing with the circumstances surrounding a case of data manipulation that occurred around ten years ago.

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